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Purchasing policy

The IRISO Electronics Group regards clients from whom we procure materials such as supplies and parts as partners indispensable to our business activities. Through transparent and fair transactions, we strive to build a relationship of trust with them. Under close collaboration with our clients, we are working to enhance quality, reduce costs, and promote “green” procurement. Based on the spirit of the IRISO Electronics Group employees and the Corporate Behavior Charter, we hope to build solid partnerships with clients who actively promote CSR, such as complying with legal regulations and making considerations for the environment and human rights.

Basic policy:IRISO Electronics Group's basic procurement policy

The IRISO Electronics Group will build global partnerships through mutual growth and development, and will promote purchasing based on fair and just evaluations. In those activities, we will take into consideration measures related to legal compliance as well as the environmental and social responsibilities. As shown in the above basic procurement policy, the Group will promote efforts indicated in the following procurement guidelines.

Guidelines:Selection of procurement sources

We will make fair assessments based on rational judgments regarding quality, safety, environment, prices and delivery period, and will carry out sincere business transactions in procuring goods and services.

Fair and equal transactions

We will comply with various laws and social norms (laws, standards and treaties of countries regarding issues such as the prohibition of child and forced labor and prevention of corruption), will adhere to the conditions of contracts with our clients, and will promote business activities from an equal standpoint.

Considerations for the environment

We will promote GREEN procurement that takes into sufficient consideration for environmental problems that are common for all of society. Those issues include global warming, management of substances that place a burden on the environment, wastes, and recycling.

Proper management and holding of information

We will appropriately manage and hold personal information received from our clients, third parties and our employees, as well as confidential information we received from our clients and third parties.

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